A biography and life work of robert penn warren an american men of letters

World Enough and Time: A Tale of the Civil War. A Romance of Our Time.

A biography and life work of robert penn warren an american men of letters

Email this page A distinguished poet, novelist, critic, and teacher, he won virtually every major award given to writers in the United States and was the only person to receive a Pulitzer Prize in both fiction once and poetry twice.

He also achieved a measure of commercial success that eludes many other serious artists. Few other writers in our history have labored with such consistent distinction and such unflagging energy in so many separate branches of the literary profession. He is a man of letters on the old-fashioned, outsize scale, and everything he writes is stamped with the passion and the embattled intelligence of a man for whom the art of literature is inseparable from the most fundamental imperatives of life.

As he recalled in an interview with John Baker published in Conversations with Writers: My ambition was to be a naval officer and I got an appointment to Annapolis. Then I had an accident. History courses were also interesting, but the chemistry was taught without imagination.

As a man, he made no effort to charm his students, but everything he said was interesting. Homesick and weary of devoting his days and nights to working on his dissertation, Warren, at the request of one of the editors of the literary annual American Caravan, agreed to compose a novelette based on the folk tales he had heard as a boy in Kentucky.

Though Warren did indeed write several novels during the next decade only one of which, Night Rider, was publishedmost of his time and effort was spent trying to earn a living. Returning to Tennessee in after completing his studies at Oxford, he briefly served on the faculty of Southwestern Presbyterian University now Southwestern at Memphis before obtaining a teaching position at Vanderbilt.

From there Warren went to Louisiana State University inteaming up with friend and fellow faculty member Cleanth Brooks to write a series of immensely successful and influential textbooks, including An Approach to Literature and Understanding Poetry.

The Agrarians were former Fugitives who banded together again in the late s to extol the virtues of the rural South and to promote an agrarian as opposed to an industrial economy. Despite his close association with the Agrarians and his key role in publicizing their theories, Warren did not consider himself to be a professional critic.

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As he explained to Baker: A real critic, like Cleanth Brooks or I. Richards, has a system. That business is just something that happens.

They start much the same way, on the same emotional journey, and can go either way. At a certain level an idea takes hold.

A biography and life work of robert penn warren an american men of letters

The interesting topics, the basic ideas in the poems and the basic ideas in the novels are the same. Observes Marshall Walker in London Magazine:The years and bookend a volatile decade in American history.

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As an articulate witness to the era of the Vietnam War, Watergate, Jimmy Carter, and the national "malaise," Robert Penn Warren produced a phenomenal body of work, securing his place in the canon of American poetry.

Warren's All the King's Men, a novel about Huey Long (disguised as Willie Stark) contains long passages about the legacy of the Civil War. Faulkner's work is filled with relics of the war, human and otherwise.

This amazing career began in Guthrie, Kentucky, where Robert Penn Warren was born on April 24, His father, Robert Franklin Warren, was a businessman, and his mother, Anna Ruth Penn Warren, was a school teacher.

Robert Penn Warren was their eldest son. Robert Penn Warren, a successful novelist and poet, has been primarily remembered for his political morality tale All the King’s Men.

The book, written in the s, was far ahead of its time in depicting the Machiavellian dealings of Southern politician Willie Stark. American poet Robert Penn Warren was one of the founders of New Criticism and is the only person to have won the Pulitzer Prize for both fiction and poetry.

Poet Robert Penn Warren was one of the Born: Apr 25, Warren was born in Guthrie, Kentucky, very near the Tennessee-Kentucky border, to Robert Warren and Anna Penn. Warren's mother's family had roots in Virginia, having given their name to the community of Penn's Store in Patrick County, Virginia, and was a descendant of Revolutionary War soldier Colonel Abram Penn.

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