A biography of johann sebastian bach a great composer in western musical history

Contemporary biographical sources[ edit ] No writings by Johann Sebastian Bach were published during his lifetime. There are however some letters by the composer in which he gives autobiographical detail, including the letter he wrote in to Georg Erdmann, and the letter he had joined to the score of his Mass for the Dresden court in

A biography of johann sebastian bach a great composer in western musical history

Check our homepage for new, visually rich, fast and immersive experiences! Biography of Johann Sebastian Bach Biography of a great musician and composer, who enthralled audiences with his symphonic vibrancy and left them amazed.

Johann Sebastian Bach, a name that every organist and violinist wanted to be associated with during the Baroque period. It was a natural matter of course that young Bach, as soon as he was able, should begin to receive musical instruction. Bach began his music training under the tutelage of his own father.

He was taught to play the violin and the viola, and showed considerable aptitude from the beginning. Possibly he had a happy enough childhood, but that came to an end with the death of his mother in His father followed barely a year later in and suddenly the nine year old boy was an orphan.

The five younger siblings were parceled off between the many relatives. Bach and his brother Johann Jacob were taken in by their eldest brother Johann Christoph. He was an organist at the Michaeliskirche St. Johann Christoph had been a student of the famous Thuringian organist from Erfurt, Johann Pachelbel, and he was well-qualified to tutor his talented younger brother further in Musical Theory and the Keyboard Instruments of the time - the organ, harpsichord and clavichord.

Alongside Bach was also sent to the local school or Lyceum to study Latin and here, since he possessed a remarkable Soprano voice, he was also inducted into the school choir. In the seven years that he lived with his brother, Bach became proficient in all that he was taught and constantly strove to improve and learn new, more difficult music.

This state of affairs came to an end in when it became impossible for his brother, not a rich man, to provide for him any longer. So, on 15 MarchBach joined up with his school friend Georg Erdmann and the two boys, only fifteen, left their homes and went to Luneberg to study at the Latin School here.

The cost of their tuition and living was defrayed by singing in the Mettenchor matin choir of the Michaeliskirche and -schule St. They were also paid a small stipend alongside. Aside from putting the Library to good use, Bach also polished his keyboard skills, taking lessons from the well-respected Organist of the Johanniskirche, Georg Bohm.

The latter had a decided inclination for the French musical tradition and this rubbed off unto young Bach. The 78 year old Reincken was an Organist of the Katharinenkirche in Hamburg, and the story goes that, in the summer ofBach walked all the way there - some thirty miles from Ohrdruf - just to hear him play, and when he got back he was inspired enough to start improvising himself.

Bach left Luneberg during the Easter of He was seventeen and had been selected to work as an Organist in the town of Sangerhausen. Bach remained here from March to Augustand then - with relief no doubt - took off for Arnstadt. The very small town of Arnstadt required an Organist for its Neue Kirche - it also had two other churches, the Oberkirche and the Liebfrau-kirche - and Bach fit the bill.

It was a terrific opportunity for him - not only was he to receive a very high salary, the church organ was a brand-new, beautifully tuned Wender Organ. Bach, taking the prestige that went with the appointment as only his due, now revealed a somewhat snooty side to his personality.

He also got into street fights and developed an abiding interest in women.

A biography of johann sebastian bach a great composer in western musical history

Bach was thrilled enough to remain there longer than the agreed four weeks. Bach, twenty, lively, and unrepentant, thought the townsfolk were being unnecessarily stuffy and decided to scan the horizon for a place more ventilated. And this is how he came to find employment next in the town of Muhlhausen in June The Blasiuskirche not only had a rich tradition of vocal music, but an immense library as well.


Also, during this year, Bach received an inheritance from his maternal uncle Tomas Lammerhirt and he celebrated the change in fortune by marrying his second cousin from the paternal side, Maria Barbara Bach. So he resigned and went back to Weimar. He was more warmly received than he had been the last time, and given a double salary, with many perks added, moreover.

Bach, satisfied for the moment, remained for nine years, from toduring which time his children Catharina Dorothea, Wilhelm Friedemann, Carl Philipp Emanuel and Johann Gottfried Bernhard were born.

He also composed more Cantatas and his fame began to spread beyond Weimar. It is said that the future King Frederick I of Sweden heard him play and was so moved that he offered him his diamond ring there and then.The first major biographies of Johann Sebastian Bach, including those by Johann Nikolaus Forkel and Philipp Spitta, were published in the 19th benjaminpohle.com more were published in the 20th century by, among others, Albert Schweitzer, Charles Sanford Terry, Christoph Wolff and Klaus Eidam.

IS JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH A GREAT COMPOSER? General synthesis article trying to consider, as an example, the causes of the notoriety of Bach, particularly in .

Johann Sebastian Bach was a German composer, born in late seventeen century into a reputed musical family at Eisenach, Germany. He had his early musical training under his father and benjaminpohle.com Of Birth: Eisenach, Saxe-Eisenach.

A magnificent baroque-era composer, Johann Sebastian Bach is revered through the ages for his work's musical complexities and stylistic innovations. Born on March 31, (N.S.), in Eisenach. Johann Sebastian Bach (March 21, - July 28, ) is considered by many to have been the greatest composer in the history of western music.

Dec 19,  · Interestingly, while Bach was known as a great organist in his lifetime, he was not regarded as a brilliant composer until many years after his passing. Bach’s Early Years Johann Sebastian Bach was born on March 21, , in Eisenach, Germany.

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