Bakery industry in india

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Google Plus pinterest Introduction Bakery products, due to high nutrient value and affordability, are an item of huge consumption. Due to the rapid population rise, the rising foreign influence, the emergence of a female working population and the fluctuating eating habits of people, they have gained popularity among people, contributing significantly to the growth trajectory of the bakery industry. Bakery holds an important place in food processing industry and is a traditional activity. With regard to bakery products, consumers are demanding newer options, and the industry has been experiencing fortification of bakery products in order to satiate the burgeoning appetite of the health-conscious Indian.

Bakery industry in india

So, why low level of food processing in India? Economies of scale When you produce something on large scale, the unit production cost decreases. Fixed cost remains same building rent, cost of lights, initial cost of buying machinery etc.

It leads to following problems: But why do we have this poor economies of scale? For long, many food processing items were reserved for Small scale industries only.

Key Industry Data - Bakery Product Manufacturing

High input costs due to multiple taxes, middle men. Anyways, some more obstacles for Indian food processing industry: Preference For Fresh Food Indians prefer freshly cooked products as compared to packaged products.

Agri Problems truckload of agri-problem. Area under cultivation is decreasing due to urbanization, real-estate development, industrialization and ofcourse thanks to totally awesome people like Raabert Vadhera.

This cost is significantly higher as compared most developed countries.

Food Processing Industry:Scope Significance Obstacles in India

Infrastructure Inadequate infrastructure of storage, sorting, grading and post-harvest management. Private sector unwilling to invest in logistic or infrastructure under prevailing economic conditions and policy paralysis.

Finance hard to get loans for both farmers and food-entrepreneurs Taxation food industry subjected to variety of taxes. Taxes on processed food in India are among the highest in the world. Except India, No country distinguishes between branded and unbranded food sectors for taxation.

Multiple and complicated tax regimes have rendered the food industry uncompetitive Schemes Plethora of government schemes: Laws Food laws are often inconsistent and overlapping. The Food Inspectors cause of harassment and bribe-demands in terms of pulling up entrepreneurs under the Weights and Measures Act, ingredient content and mix, labelling norms, etc.

While the various acts are necessary, court cases turn out to be expensive for small-entrepreneurs- especially if involved in inter-state trade.

How promising is bakery franchising in India?

Manpower Very few universities offer special courses for food processing and entrepreneurship.indian bakery industry Thursday, July 19, The Indian bakery industry is dominated by the small-scale sector with an estimated 50, small and medium-size producers, along with 15 units in the organized sector.

AngelStarch the leading starch manufacturer and exporters in India offers food starch like maize starch, tapioca starch and textile sizing chemical, Textile sizing one shot product. Dolar’s quality assurance and design concept is comparable to the best in the Indian industry.

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Mr. Kool Drink is a Manufacture & Exporter of Maize Starch, Flavoring Essence, Instant Drink Powder, & many more food & bakery products in Ahmedabad, India. India Biscuits Industry came into major existence and started gaining a sound status in the bakery industry in the later part of 20th century when the urbanized society called for ready made food products at a tenable cost.

The Bakery Product Manufacturing industry profile contains key business statistics.

Bakery industry in india

Market size, a fundamental metric of a market analysis, represents the industry's total sales volume. The industry's size results from the number of consumers and their demand for the product.

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