Building a better mis trap

A chump might figure that, being a Texan whose base is in the South and Midwest, he was making the usual condemnation of coastal elites and arugula-eating liberals that every other Republican has made before him, maybe with a special nod to the fact that his two most relevant opponents, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, were both from New York. Because, you see, there are many Jews in New York.

Building a better mis trap

In practice it really is that easy to set up and use. Seen here, the Mevo app lets you determine how much video you want to record and at what framerate, which data it should speak if anyand more.

As you can see below, you can choose between displays of one to six data points, and by dragging the data object from the list on the right, can determine where the data is displayed. Since you have the option to have the app use speech-to-text to read aloud a data point, you can actually see or hear seven of the eight data points per shot.

If you wish to keep things simple, you can choose the 1-up or 2-up display to show only the most relevant data for that particular application. The Mevo app lets you see anywhere from 1 to six data points at a time. I have to admit… I was right there with him. Like so many times in my life, I was happy to be wrong.

And oh how wrong I was. The software on Android could use a few tweaks to make the numbers larger. In short, the FlightScope was way more accurate and consistent at correctly measuring the AoA, launch angles, etc. I first tested the Mevo indoors with a friend. We had plenty of premium golf balls with metallic stickers already affixed.

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With a 6-iron, we consistently saw numbers that ranged from yards to We moved on to partial wedges, and again, the Mevo kept up. The Mevo was off to an impressive start. Mark hit some drivers, and they registered some odd numbers: Smash factors ranged from 1.

Mark insisted that he was hitting the ball pretty solidly, and we confirmed with a few Sharpie-marked balls. And yes, Mark caught this one a bit high on the toe 1. Twenty drivers later, I was impressed with the Mevo once again. It nailed every shot, save one: Launch angles seemed accurate.

Carry yardages seemed accurate. It pegged everything, as far as we could tell. Mark then moved on to hitting full and partial wedges.

Building a better mis trap

At one point, after about 90 minutes on the range, I asked Mark to hit a few shots specific yardages. Toward the end I was starting to rib him a little, and he was getting tiredwe recorded a brief video: As you can tell, we have the Mevo speaking his carry yardage.

The range slopes downhill a bit, but once we estimated the level of the teeing area was about head height to me out on the range, the yardages the Mevo called out were all within a yard of what I measured with a laser.

Early launch monitors from a certain Dutch company often had a hard time reading the ball flight when a player took a divot, necessitating many of the early adopters of those orange boxes to hit off a lie board.

Here the Mevo impressed once again, as even the biggest divots Mark took did not seem to fluster the Mevo. It just kept spitting out seemingly accurate numbers, shot after shot.

Mevo gives accurate results even when you take some BIG divots. To check this, I recorded FPS video and counted the frames from when the ball was hit to when it landed.

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Over six such videos, with different clubs hit in each, the Mevo was accurate to within 0. In testing this flight time, we noticed something right away: The Mevo firmware is updated often, and updates takes minutes. Though it was often comical to hear the justifications golfers came up with to explain away their yard 7-irons that they swear go … I basically discarded the player expectations tests in most cases.

The next best tests were the on-course and on-range laser-measured results. All we could test in these cases was yardages, of course, and we found that once we adjusted for slope the Mevo states your ball flight as if it was on level ground, like most launch monitors and wind the Mevo calculates carry distance and flight timethe Mevo was within a yard or two of what we could measure just about every time.1 Case Study Write-Up - Building a Better MIS-Trap Background Statement The organization under consideration is a very large and reputed Health Services Organization (HSO) based at Florida.

It has inpatient and outpatient facilities, home healthcare services, and has a world-renowned AIDS treatment. Open Document. Below is an essay on "Building a Better Mis-Trap" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples/5(1).

Show transcribed image text a Better 8 MIS-Trap- Case for Chapter Sharon B. Buchbinder You are the CEO of a large health services ization (HSO) in Florida. Your ha organ every other inpatient and outpatient facilities, home health care services, and c that treatment patient You also have a rest of the has alway has been considered by many to be a mod for the care is known to be excellent.

Mini Case #2 Brandi Glenn HCMN October 3, Building a Better MIS-Trap Introduction In this case study, I am acting as a CEO. The situation at hand involves the breach of information on patients who have been . 1 Case Study Write-Up - Building a Better MIS-Trap Background Statement The organization under consideration is a very large and reputed Health Services Organization (HSO) based at Florida.

Les Misérables (/ l eɪ ˌ m ɪ z ə ˈ r ɑː b (l ə)/; French pronunciation: [le mizeʁabl(ə)]), colloquially known in English-speaking countries as Les Mis or Les Miz (/ l eɪ ˈ m ɪ z /), is a sung-through musical based on the novel of the same name by French poet and novelist Victor musical premiered in Paris in , and has music by Claude-Michel Schönberg and.

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