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The suspected cause for these fires was the clashing of electrical powerlines with tree branches. Bushfires can be influenced by several factors.

Bushfire essay

Hire Writer This has led to a more dense vegetation in manyrural areas and a greater accumulation of leaf andba rk litter on the ground. The litterprovides a significant amount of fuelfor fires if they do start.

Bushfires are one of the most destructiveforces of nature. Firefighters risktheir lives each year to control andeventually extinguish them.

Eventhough bushfires can occur naturally,mainly as a result of lightning strikesand spontaneous combustion, most arestarted by the activities of people. Thisincludes cigarettes and matches beingcarelessly discarded, electricity cables,sparks Bushfire essay machinery and tools, andburning off.

Arson has been the causeof some of the worst bushfires. Eucalypts and bushfiresThere are two main types of bushfires: They can travel at high speed butare relatively easy to control.

Crown fires spread rapidly if there are strong,hot winds and very dry vegetation. This makes crown fires very dangerousand difficult to control. As the map shows, bushfires usually occurin the less arid parts of Australia.

Aridareas tend not to have enough fuel to sustainfires for any length of time. SoutheasternAustralia is particularly subject tobushfires.

There are several reasons for this,including the following: Large areas are covered with sclerophyll vegetation. The dominant trees are eucalypts,which have highly flammable oil in theirbranches. Eucalypts burn readily and canbecome so hot during fires that their sap boilsand the whole tree or shrub can explode inflames.

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This is not a problem for the plantspecies as most eucalypt varieties burn hotand fast as a means of releasing seeds onto thefire-cleared ground.

Some burnt trees simplysend up new shoots from their stumps or rootsand grow to full-size trees again. The area is also subject to prolonged periods ofbelow average rainfall and droughts.

Bushfiresand drought often occur together. South-eastern Australia is also subject toheatwaves and strong northerly winds duringthe summer months.

Two or three days ofheatwave weather can often provide conditionssuitable for bushfires to occur. Bushfires can bring massive destruction, loss oflife and personal hardship to families and communities.

Individuals, community-based groupsand governments have responded to this hazardin many ways. There are over 70 individuals who are volunteermembers of bushfire brigades. They domost of the fighting of bushfires. During times ofsevere bushfires they can be on duty for days at atime, sometimes facing extreme danger.

Theymake a highly significant contribution to makingour communities safer. The government has set up many agenciesthat work to protect the community when bush-fires occur. Governments can provideemergency financial assistance in severebushfires. The Bureau of Meteorology providesshort- and long-term weather forecasts to warnof bushfire dangers.Australia Bushfire essaysAustralia is the world.

Australia is the world's driest continent, and drought and bushfires are regular occurrences that, sadly, are a natural part of Australia's weather cycle.

Ash Wednesday Bushfires | Free Essays - benjaminpohle.com Bushfires in Victoria In Victoria, the Country Fire Authority CFA provides firefighting and other emergency services to country areas and regional townships within the state, as well as large portions of the outer suburban areas and growth corridors of Melbourne not covered by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade.
Search Skwirk During the severe season, which lasted from 1 July to 28 Februarythere were bushfires recorded. There has been a long, dramatic history of bushfires on the continent, with fires first sparking around five million years ago when dry grassland began to dominate the landscape.
Natural Hazards – Bushfires Essay Example for Free The Environment The frequent bushfires of Australia have a nature which can only be described as destructive.
Bush fire prevention Essay Example for Free Hire Writer Bushfires occur on every continent except Antarctica but they happen most commonly in Australia.
Free Essays on Bushfires in Australia Many towns north-east of the state capital Melbourne were badly damaged or almost lost altogether such as Kinglake, Marysville, Narbethong, Stathewen and Flowerdale. Many houses in the towns of Steels Creek, Humevale, Wandong, St Andrews, Callignee, Taggerty and Koornalla were also destroyed or severely damaged, with several fatalities recorded at each location.

Australia has one of the highest bushfire rates in the world so citizens especially in areas prone to fires have extra precautions in place to help prevent the spread of the fires, the damage of property and most importantly the loss of human life.

A bushfire is a wildfire that burns out of control spreading across vegetated regions of bushland. In order for a bushfire to be catastrophic, the right conditions must be present. Most bushfires happen in times when temperatures are high. In addition, conditions must be dry.

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When a bushfire burns it releases huge amounts of smoke and ash into the air above and surrounding it. This thick, heavy haze pollutes the air to a major extent, making it hard to breath in, settling on rooves and in gutters of homes with water tanks, and can even effect the operation of engines as their air intake is 3/5(1).

Bushfire essay
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