Describing a complicated idea in life

This is the premise of a popular book by Michael Behe: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution. Click here for full textoff-site, with animated illustrations. My occasional comments and condensations will be bracketed and in boldface.

Describing a complicated idea in life

Posted on May 2, by The Physicist Physicist: So if you really want to see the most complicated equation ever, call in sick for a few weeks. You can write it in mathspeak as. Arguably, the universe is pretty complicated.

The force on star k is: The equation for the gravity between many objects is just the equation for the gravity between every pair added up. Not much more complicated. The whole point of physics, aside from understanding things, is to describe the rules of the universe as simply as possible.

The principle of least action says that the path a system will actually take has the least action. From this single formula, you get the conservation of energy, conservation of momentum when moving sidewaysas well as the acceleration due to gravity.

There are also Lagrangians for everything from orbiting planets to electromagnetic fields. And if you want to describe the dynamics of a system, Lagrangians are an extremely compact way to do it.

The equation of everything except gravity. In some sense this equation is compressed data. All equations must have some context before they do anything or even mean anything.

This gravy is full of calculus and intro physics. If you want to chose a path that extremizes either minimizes or maximizes S, then you can do it by solving the Euler-Lagrange equations: This is called the Euler-Lagrange equations plural because this is actually several equations.

Using the Euler-Lagrange equations is philosophically similar: So the E-L equation says: Both good things to know. You wanna be even slicker, note that this Lagrangian is independent of time.


Therefore, applying the chain rule: But we have the E-L equations! This thing in the parentheses is constant since it never changes in time. In the case of we find that this constant thing is: Astute students of physics 1 will recognize the sum of kinetic energy plus gravitational potential.Mar 31,  · Human genome at ten: Life is complicated The more biologists look, the more complexity there seems to be.

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For example, Jobs described IBM in as Big Brother come to life, bringing the idea to a famous television commercial pitting the Mac against IBM.

Describing a complicated idea in life

Jobs also once described a computer as “the most remarkable tool that we have every come up with. characterizing the uncertainty of life. I have no idea what life will give me next, but whatever it is, it will be sweet.

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in describing day-to-day life and human relationships, Thank you for visiting these Describing Quotes - Inspirational Quotes about Describing. 18 Complicated Scientific Ideas Explained Simply. BY Arika Okrent He then invited scientists to describe what they do using the editor.

it’s a really good idea to make sure that the sick. When you understand a concept, it's easy to think of every detail as important, but when you're trying to explain that complicated concept to someone else, you should leave certain details out.

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