Erasmus school of economics master thesis

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Erasmus school of economics master thesis

Assement of the applications All applicants are assessed according to the following criteria: Declined applicants are welcome to re-apply for the following academic year. Admission The admission process consists of several steps, beginning once a student has sent in the application and the appropriate documents.

Each application is ranked based on several factors, and then available places in the programme are offered. An accepted student must then submit another series of documents to complete the admission process.

On the following pages, each of these steps will be examined in more detail.

II. State Education Department

Due to limited time capacities, the EMLE staff cannot provide individual feedback on the specific reasons for a declined application. All applicants are assessed according to the following admission criteria: Required documents for admission Below you will find a list of the documents that will be required for final admission into the programme not for application!

Admitted students will receive a letter containing more information regarding these documents. As a reminder, please note that all of the documents must be in English and need to be certified copies of the originals, if not indicated otherwise below.

Documents that are not in English must be accompanied by certified English translations. Also, please note that acquiring some of these documents may take quite some time.

Please start the necessary inquiries as soon as erasmus school of economics master thesis. Certified copies of official documents can be issued e. Proof of English proficiency Applicants whose native language is not English must provide original test scores from one of the following standardized English proficiency tests.

For exemptions from this rule please see below. The following table lists all the tests accredited by the EMLE.

erasmus school of economics master thesis

No alternative tests or certificates will be accepted! The accepted tests and accompanying scores are: Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English — Grades A, B Please note that we cannot accept any test results older than two years and that a valid English proficiency test is mandatory to participate in the EMLE programme.

Proof of English proficiency: All other candidates must provide test scores from one of the above mentioned, official tests of English proficiency. Proof of programme fee payment After you have been accepted into the programme, you will be required to pay the final programme fee in two installments.

The payment of this fee constitutes an acceptance of your place in the programme. This fee is non-refundable if you should later leave the programme. No refund is possible if you withdraw within 2 weeks prior to, or during the programme.

This fee will be refunded if you leave the programme before October Exact due dates and account information will be sent along with the admission letter.

erasmus school of economics master thesis

Final admission to the programme is contingent on full and timely payment of these fees. All students are expected to send a copy of the respective transfer slip to the admissions office at their earliest convenience.

Chinese students only a. Having such a certificate does not guarantee allocation to Rotterdam, but students without such a certificate cannot be allocated there! It ensures that all Chinese students are sufficiently qualified to pursue their studies and benefit from their stay in the Netherlands.

Nuffic sends this certificate directly to the relevant Dutch higher education institution once it has been issued. APS certificate Applicants with a degree from a Chinese university who want to spend one or more terms in either Germany HamburgAustria Vienna or Belgium Ghent need to obtain a certificate that validates their Chinese degree.

Having such a certificate does not guarantee allocation to Hamburg, Vienna or Ghent, but students without such a certificate cannot be allocated to those cities!

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The procedure at the APS takes about two months. A preliminary allocation to Hamburg, Vienna or Ghent is therefore conditional upon obtaining the certificate. As of the academic year we may award up to 27 scholarships for Programme country students and 33 scholarships for Partner country students in total over upcoming academic years from up to Therefore, we will be able to award each year up to 15 EMLE students with a full scholarship from the European Commission.

EMJMD scholarship holders will receive a generous grant that covers the tuition fees, contributes to travel and installment costs and gives a monthly contribution to cover subsistence costs for the duration that students will be studying on the programme.LSE offers diploma programmes in Accounting and Finance and as the first year of two-year MSc programmes in the Economics Department.

Diploma students attend specially arranged classes and tutorials; in most, but not all cases you would attend lectures from undergraduate courses. Erasmus School of Economics is one of the world’s leading academic institutions.

The school has a long-standing tradition of high-quality education and research. The best Erasmus graduates have made outstanding contributions to science, government, and .

Graduate Diploma

Past Master's Thesis Projects Ownership structure and firm profitability in South Korea: The impact of group affiliation, family ownership & foreign investor ownership on corporate financial performance. Best Master’s in Economics Degrees. The research-based MS in Economics, which requires a master’s thesis, can be completed with a two-year residency.

the University of Texas at Austin is the flagship institution of the nine-school University of Texas System.

The Master of Arts in Economics from UT Austin was established in the Students from Erasmus School of Economics - (pre-)master requirements Current facets (Pre-Master) On this page you can find all information regarding the requirements to successfully apply to one of our master or pre-master programmes.

The MSc in Marketing program prepares students for real-world marketing challenges. Graduates from the program will understand how marketing creates value for a company or organization, will be able to draft effective marketing plans, and will master the functional processes of marketing.

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