Exploring the abortion issue essay

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Exploring the abortion issue essay

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Abortion is an issue that enrages people nationwide. It is a constant struggle that tears families apart. Who gave people the right to choose who lives and who doesn't without any consequences other than a possibility of guilt? There are so many options for an unwanted baby that abortion honestly shouldn't even be considered.

An unborn baby's life begins at conception.

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Nobody should have the option to decide if this unborn child gets to live. A child is one of the greatest gifts on earth. Not everyone who receives this gift is ready for the struggles and responsibilities that come along with it. A pregnancy should be a happy time, a time full of excitement and wonder.

It's a life changing experience that can be exactly what one makes of it. It's no shock to people that sometimes this gift is delivered unexpected. Sometimes the gift is forced upon a woman and there isn't anything she could have done to prevent it.

Rape is held accountable for small number of pregnancies a year. This estimate of course is only a record of how many people actually go through with the pregnancies. Many times people who become pregnant after being raped get an abortion.

They don't feel like they need to let this poor child within them to come to term. Rape is a scary thing, and nobody wants to relive that moment over and over again for the next nine months.

This argument isn't a credible one because the victim is going to relive that moment again and again anyway. It's a sad world we live in that makes it so we are scared to leave our own house, but why not let the life inside you live?

The mother could always give it up for adoption if she doesn't want the baby. There are so many people in the world that would give anything for a kid. There are so many people that are not as fortunate to have children. People all over the world are trying to have children. Many people fall short and can't have them at all.

They must rely on others to give their own children up for adoption so they can experience the love and excitement that kids can bring to ones life.

It is selfish and very ungrateful for a woman to abort a child they have been blessed with. There are many people in this world that would gladly help a mother through the pregnancy to assure that she delivers the baby safely and that they get the child from her.

Yet women all over the world are still aborting babies. Unborn babies begin their lives at conception. People all over argue that a baby isn't alive until it takes its first breath.

How could something not living kick you and heave a heartbeat and grow. Unborn children have fingerprints, the one thing that no two people have alike. Women argue that it should be their choice.

Why should a woman have a choice of killing a child if some shooter going on a rampage doesn't? Motive of aborting a child is the same as having motive to go shoot ones neighbor.

If a woman chooses to abort a baby because she doesn't want it then she should be charged with murder. Many women after aborting their child have a lot of regret. In one particular case I read on Teenbreaks.Exploring the Abortion Issue When it comes to abortion one can not state that there is simply a conflict between a woman’s right to privacy/autonomy of her body (i.e.

the right to choose) and the right to life (particularly the right of the fetus to be born). An abortion essay can be produced in a form of an opinion, cause and effect or argumentative essay. Exploring an ethical aspect of the issue is an opportunity to show whether you are able to discuss a controversial topic.

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Exploring the abortion issue essay

Abortion is one of the most controversial topics of this generation. Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of a pregnancy.

3 Abstract: Ethical, legal and political challenges are embedded in nursing practice and inform clinical decisions. Abortion is an example of a complex contemporary issue where balancing the.

- Exploring the Abortion Issue When it comes to abortion one can not state that there is simply a conflict between a woman’s right to privacy/autonomy of her body (i.e. the right to choose) and the right to life (particularly the right of the fetus to be born).

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