Failure of the arab league

President Barack Obama threatened airstrikes on Syria.

Failure of the arab league

Posted May 8, - Article: A Letter to the Editor Will it be published? Probably not, due to its heavy scriptural content and controversial opinion. Beginning of a Magnificent Charade?

The dark velvet night of Singapore airbase was intruded upon by the gentle, majestic giant of air transport, decorated tastefully in white, blue and gold livery, tail numberdisplaying the American banner on its lighted rudder.

Air Force One touched the runway, slowed, turned about and deliberately taxied to its docking station as, on the tarmac, dignitaries awaiting the arrival raised their expectant faces to catch their first glimpse of the US president as he appeared in the doorway at the head of the movable stairway and waved his familiar gesture in greeting.

From a prophetic viewpoint, we frankly wonder what real significance this series of meetings will have. Perhaps they are merely smoke over the turbulent waters of the agitated world affairs of the age But they do reflect the generalized, desperate hope, the expectancy — and the trepidation that is felt without question — Failure of the arab league the peoples of the earth It would seem obvious to every sensible observer that mankind is no longer able to solve its dilemmas of state and society.

As enlightened, and greatly blessed observers of these terminal days of the world which has consistently ignored the words of faith and life, our hearts are elevated by the emerging events! In the final analysis, the dispute between the United States and North Korea regarding nuclear weapons is merely a passing phase of failed human history.

It illustrates quite thoroughly the incapability of mankind effectively to govern itself successfully In our opinion, this rushing wind of activity will drone on and on with no definitively satisfactory outcome or resolution. And the final solution of these mundane challenges of humanity will be solved only by the reappearance of the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is destined to arrive suddenly, in power and great glory, and to manifest His will among mankind universally, righteously, benevolently, and pervasively.

His own words to the sheep of His household bring reassurance to them, because as He states, nothing profitable is achieved by striving or controversy.

He compares their required trust their faith in Him to that which He also requires of the world, summarizing this prospect beginning in Luke We thank our heavenly Father that He has reassured us of the truth — that these ignoble days are rapidly drawing to their end — and that the Age of True Enlightenment is inevitably coming in The replacement society of the Kingdom Age will be the complete obverse of the civilization which we now experience, and shall be as described by the Prophet Micah at the beginning of his fourth chapter: Israel is Stomping on Iran!

Dateline May 7, It seemed for a while that Israel was holding back its overt attacks on Iranian movements within Syria, but that impression has had to be abandoned within recent days.

In an unprecedented announcement, Israeli Defense Forces made known that Israel did indeed destroy the Iraqi nuclear reactor several years ago in a long-distance air operation which decimated the entire site.

At the same time it admitted that Israeli planes had also destroyed a similar Syrian reactor much more recently, enforcing its declaration that such would not be tolerated by Israel because it greatly endangers the security of the State of Israel. Israeli prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu just last week presented evidence of one of the biggest intelligence coups of all time.

Over a year ago January, Israeli agents had infiltrated an Iranian storage facility and taken away about a half ton of Iranian records of its nuclear activities: Speaking in impeccable English, Mr.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has previously claimed its nuclear research was for the sole purpose of producing medical isotopes for research and treatment of disease.

Their claim was clearly refuted when translated records laid out detailed Iranian plans for a Uranium bomb, complete with geometrically accurate diagrams and construction plans, along with detailed plans for producing the necessary nuclear materials for such bombs.

Some of the press reports are quoted here Its highly-touted anti-aircraft missile systems, the S batteries, are known to be installed in various locations in Syria at this moment.

Failure of the arab league

A few antiaircraft missiles were fired just for show Israeli FI Fighter Jets It is also strange that no Russian missiles have challenged Israeli aircraft overflying Syrian airspace and destroying the Iranian installations.

The attack on the Iranian munitions depot on April 29th was so severe that it registered as a 2.

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Over dozens of Iranians were killed according to an early report, later denied by Iran. Is it possible that the S does not detect the overflying aircraft?

The League of Nations was an international organization founded as a result of the Paris Peace Conference in – The League's goals included disarmament, preventing war through collective security, settling disputes between countries through negotiation, diplomacy and improving global welfare. The diplomatic philosophy behind the League represented a fundamental shift in thought from. Although no globally accepted definition of the Arab world exists, all countries that are members of the Arab League are generally acknowledged as being part of the Arab world. The Arab League is a regional organisation that aims (among other things) to consider in a general way the affairs and interests of the Arab countries and sets out the following definition of an Arab. Background. Violence in the Holy Land broke out almost immediately after the United Nations announced partition on November 29, Jamal Husseini, the Arab Higher Committee's spokesman, had told the UN prior to the partition vote the Arabs would drench "the soil of .

And does the Russian Bear have teeth? The evidence shows none. Yet, Israel is facing increasing strength of its enemies to the north. Hezbollah in Lebanon are said to have a hundred thousand rockets in place aimed at Israel to the south. The Shiite Iranian-aligned forces in Syria are estimated to have between twenty and seventy thousand rockets aimed toward Israel.

Hamas in Gaza boasts that its missiles are also innumerable, yet as in the northern arenas, apart from the border fence protests, Hamas has restrained its aggression in southern Israel for fear of Israeli reprisals — which only a few days ago took the form of Israeli fighter-jets attacking five Hamas naval targets whose identity was not spelled out in retaliation for the activities at the border fence.DHAHRAN: The Ministry of Culture and Information has set up two media centers to cover the 29th Arab Summit, which opens on Sunday in the city of Dhahran.

One of the centers is in the Hotel. The League of Nations was an international organization founded as a result of the Paris Peace Conference in – The League's goals included disarmament, preventing war through collective security, settling disputes between countries through negotiation, diplomacy and improving global welfare.

The diplomatic philosophy behind the League represented a fundamental shift in thought from. Jan 31,  · Too much diversity, cultural sensitivity, ‘muh dik’ and ‘gibs me dat’ in R&D will result in failed ballistic missile tests. Get some White boys with an IQ + over there at . The GPL is an association of Bible loving people, who seek to follow the Gospel of Salvation revealed by the Lord Jesus Christ.

The GPL also seeks to show the association between events happening in and around Israel, and Bible prophecy. But British failures in Palestine in and Egypt over Suez in led the league to try on britches bigger than its geopolitical legs.

Led by Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt, the league became pan-Arabist in tone and goal throughout the s, gathering up new decolonized states like Libya, Tunisia and Algeria. The Century Foundation takes your data security and privacy seriously.

Failure of the arab league

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Arab League ‘failure’ in Syria – Alex Thomson – Channel 4 News