Fashion as a medium of communication

Hegemony and resistance through identity formations Culture Interpretive Realism has been the dominant school of thought, in both theory and practice focusing on peace through national strength, armament, and balance of power. For Realists, order is the primary normative value and historical analysis is the soundest methodology to pursue.

Fashion as a medium of communication

Published on October 27th, by Md Mehedi 58 Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Communication Technology in Modern Communication Communication is needed for decision making, coordination, control, and planning.

Worldwide communication has been facilitated by the electronic transmission of data which connects individuals, regardless of geographic location, almost instantly.

Due to electronic technology, jobs, working locations and cultures are changing and therefore people can easily access worldwide communication without any physical movement.

It requires only a few seconds to communicate through electronic media because it supports quick transmission. World has become a global village and communication around the globe requires a second only. For example, Text SMS is cheaper than the traditional letter. So communication becomes perfect using electronic media.

The volume of data: The volume of telecommunication information is increasing at such a fast rate that business people are unable to absorb it within the relevant time limit. The cost of development: Frequent change in technology also demands further investment.

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Data or information, if faxed, may be distorted and will cause zero value in the eye of law. Data may not be retrieved due to system error or fault with the technology.

Hence required service will be delayed 5. Technology is changing every day and therefore poor countries face the problem as they cannot afford the new or advanced technology.

Fashion as a medium of communication

Therefore poor countries need to be dependent towards developed countries for sharing global network. Please comment on what do you think.This paper aims to show cinema as a medium of communication by explaining what cinema is, and relating it to different theories by notable authors and philosophers.

The definition of cinema, how it is a medium of communication, relations to theories, and brief case studies will be explored. Learn how fashion and luxury companies work and understand their brands, products, retail, and communication strategies.

Travel through business models, international development, and product categories with industry influent experts.


Fashion Communication is one of the newest and upcoming fields in the fashion industry. Today, the fastest growing field is fashion and many Indian brands are competing with international brands. This has opened up tremendous possibilities for a designer of fashion communication, who will work on.

Definition of communication - the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium, means of sending or receiving informa.

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Jun 30,  · The record helps business owners access information quickly, especially if it is written in a digital medium. Written communication is also used in legal proceedings, and can become the only.

Fashion as a medium of communication

This question relates to a recent article on improving doctors' communication skills with patients and formed the basis of a discussion in The Experts stream on Tuesday, April 9.

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