Global political economy essay topics

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Global political economy essay topics

International political economy IPE evolved into an international studies approach as the result of the oil crisis and the breakdown of the Bretton Woods system. Many IPE researchers have highlighted the significance of the relationship between the economic and political factors in regards to international relations.

The international economic system and the international political system work in unison. IPE is composed of a range of theoretical frameworks, and the foundations are established based on ideologies between states and markets.

International Political Economy Overview "Globalization has become a particularly fashionable way to analyze the changes in the international economy and in world politics. Advances in technology and modern communications are said to have unleashed new contacts and relationships among people, social movements, transnational corporations, and governments" Woods,p.

The term, "political economy" is used to describe different events and situations in political science and international relations. Within the trend towards globalization, there are two aspects of change. The quantitative position has been around for a while, but the qualitative approach is fairly new.

When referencing quantitative globalization, one is referring to an increase in trade, capital movement, investments, and interdependence. These concepts have been buzzwords since the 19th century. The most recent changes in globalization have occurred as a result of qualitative changes in international politics.

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These changes have occurred 1 in the way people think and identify themselves and 2 in the way states and firms perceive and pursue their goals. There are three elements of globalization and they are interconnected. All three theories work together to provide different perspectives of globalization.

The three elements are 1 the expansion of markets, 2 the transformation of politics, and 3 the emergence of new social and political movements Woods, The expansion of markets.

This element highlights the "transformation of global economic activity. Technological change and government deregulation have encouraged the growth of transnational networks in production, trade, and finance" Woods, Production refers to organizations such as multinational corporations who use advanced technology and new production techniques to promote their products across the world.


Finance refers to the creation of a global financial system where a broad range of goods and services can be sold across the world in a timely manner.

The transformation of politics. If one were to compare the old system with the new system, the old system would be defined as the process of sovereign states working together based on the rules that they agreed upon. Global issues require sovereign states to make policies at levels above the individual level.

Some of the issues that require a joint effort among nations are human rights, environment degradation and nuclear safety. With every good deed, some type of turmoil may be created. While the technological advances and cooperation of nations has been hailed as a positive step towards world harmony and growth, there are some negative aspects as such as transnational crime, weapons, drugs and illegal immigrants.

Therefore, globalization requires new forms of regulation since individual states cannot overcome these issues on their own.

global political economy essay topics

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