Marks of a healthy church essay

What makes a Church Healthy or Unhealthy? Krejcir This comes from a big problem we have in most churches today, that is the tendency of leaders not effectually growing in the Lord and thus do not practice their faith and this dispenses down to the congregation.

Marks of a healthy church essay

While these were never meant to be the last word on everything a church should be or do, the nine marks have been helpful in reminding Christians and pastors especially of the necessary substance we often forget in an age fixated on style.

In one sense, the nine marks of an unhealthy church could simply be the opposite of all that makes for a healthy church, so that unhealthy churches ignore membership and discipline and expository preaching and all the rest.

What makes a Church Healthy or Unhealthy?

But the signs of church sickness are not always so obvious. No doubt, there are dozens of indicators that a church has become dysfunctional and diseased. Here are nine marks that your church—even one that believes the Bible, preaches the gospel and embraces good ecclesiology—may be unhealthy.


The more peripheral the sermon topic, the more excited the people become. They love to hear about sin and salvation, about the glory of God, about providence, about Christ and the cross.

The church staff does not enjoy coming to work. Every job has its ups and downs. Every office will have tension from time to time. But lay leaders should take note when staff members seem sullen, unhappy and have to drag themselves to church every day.

Do the members of your church staff like to be around each other? Do they ever talk to each other as friends in the fellowship hall?

9 Marks of an Unhealthy Church

Do you ever see them laughing together? If no, there may be burn out afoot, or conflict, or something worse. The pastor and his wife do not get along. Every church should have some mechanism in place to ask the pastor and his wife how their marriage is going or not.

Churches can survive a lot of conflict, but rarely will they be healthy, happy places if the pastor and his wife are quietly or loudly unhealthy and unhappy. Almost no one knows where the money goes.

Marks of a healthy church essay

Churches handle their finances in different ways. As churches get bigger it can be harder, or even unwise, for everyone in the church to have a say in the allocation of every dollar.

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And yet, when it comes to finances, erring on the side of transparency is rarely a bad idea. At the very least, there must be more than a small group of people who know and have a say in where the money goes.In “Nine Marks of a Healthy Church,” Mark Dever explained that in Christianity church is not defined as a building.

He wrote, “According to the New Testament, the church is primarily a body of people who profess and give evidence that they have been saved by God’s grace alone.”. Nine Marks of a Healthy Church Trinity Baptist Church Discipleship Training June, This study is a summary of material compiled from Mark Dever’s book, Nine Marks of a Healthy Church, (Wheaton: Crossway Books, ).Information was also obtained from the.

The local church is a place where assemblies of believers come together at a particular location and time.

Marks of a healthy church essay

The universal church refers to the body of Christ. Many churches believe that they are healthy because they have a certain number of people on their membership roll. Characteristics of a Healthy Church - The Research Conducted.

What makes a Church Healthy or Unhealthy?

At the beginning of the "characteristics of a healthy church" research project, we began by systematically visiting churches to observe and categorize the common threads that made them healthy.

This new expanded edition of Nine Marks of a Healthy Church is not an instruction manual for church growth. It is a pastor’s recommendation of how to assess the health of your church using nine crucial qualities that are neglected by many of today’s churches.

A must-read for church leaders and members alike, this book outlines nine essential marks that distinguish a healthy, biblical church.

Author Bio Mark Dever (PhD, Cambridge University) is the senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC, and president of 9Marks (

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