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Garfield was shot to death William Mackinely died later during his term of office Warren Harding died in the White house Kennedy was shot dead If you still think that there is no co relation among the above data then nothing can convince you but Vedic astrology attributes it to adverse Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions. Now it depends on your own mental faculties whether to take it or leave it. Explore the pages of this web site and discover a new meaning of India and Vedic astrology. Good News - Astro Journey has again been rated number one for content by Astro Journal for fourth consecutive year.

Moti heera

Gem Stones Remedies through gem therapy: Blue Sapphire [Neelam] Blue sapphire [ neelam ]- neelam or blue sapphire is the gem of Saturn that is worn to remove the evil effects of Saturn. Saturn, a hard task master is either benefic or malefic. It is also controller of longevity.

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It is a secretive planet and is also known as planet of limitations, restrictions and of seperative nature. Benefic Saturn will make native disciplined and he will have mental and moral courage, foresight and will have a high order thinker.

Moti heera

One will have good intuitive Moti heera. A person having benefic Saturn will exercise prudence in expenditures against income. On the other hand if Saturn is negative or malefic then one could be deceitful, melancholic, avarious, lazy, lethargic and skeptical.

He will suffer obstacles, hindrance in his endeavors in all his endeavors. He will become diffident, distrustful, pessimistic, unreliable and could be patient of depression. He could have wicked friends too. In conjunction with other planets like sun one can suffer loss of power, differences in married life, loss of finance, loss in authority and disfavor from government and officers.

He will remain unsettled profession and face many ups and downs in his life. Saturn if malefic can cause problems in teeth, bones, feet, knees, ribs, hairs, nails and secretive system.

Diseases given by Saturn are generally chronic like paralyses, gout, insanity, rheumatism, consumption, bronchitis etc.

Moti heera

Advantages of wearing Neelam Neelam in combination of other stones helps to cure and fight bone cancer, kidney trouble, nerve disease and paralysis. Such a stone will bring the wearer wealth, fame, a good name, health, happiness, prosperity, a long life, mental peace, and good children. Wearing a blue sapphire protects against danger, travel problems, terror, thieves, accidents and problems from storms, fire, or natural disasters.

It can free one of mental anxiety. It helps make one detached, and protects against envy. It can be worn for good luck and for protection against evil spirits. Since Saturn rules the nervous system, blue sapphires help problems of the nerves-tension and neuroses-diseases caused by an afflicted Saturn.

Because Saturn is the slowest moving planet, it tends to cause chronic disease. Professions that are benefited from neelam or blue sapphire People who are surgeons, mechanical engineers, machinists, astrologers, doctors, electrical appliance makers, metallurgists, scientists, writers, prison warden, soldiers and archaeologists can take good benefits after wearing neelam.

Even people in field of dance, drama, martial arts, cinematography, action and direction will definitely benefit from neelam. People in business of export and import, transport, vehicles, production of minerals, textiles business, spare parts, petroleum and gas will have substantial increase in their respective business.

Wearing neelam can make native a great industrialists and political leader. Blue sapphire or neelam in different rashis. It is advised that this stone should be worn only under strict advise of expert astrologer otherwise it can prove harmful.

A word of caution A sapphire, especially a blue one, should first be worn only after trial. Even a perfect sapphire is sometimes unlucky and will cause trouble to the user. One can also place it under his pillow for three nights. If there is any bad effect, the sapphire should be rejected.

Blue sapphires are touchy gems; even when they are worn by the proper people, they can bring negative effects on occasion. This is because some gemstones are unlucky. Therefore, blue sapphire should always be worn for a trial period to ascertain whether the particular stone you have purchased will do harm.British Council ISA Award.

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