Newspaper research report results

More Essay Examples on Newspaper Rubric The study involved use of archived information from various previous studies hence it is a meta-study. Inferential statistics was probably used to obtain the data.

Newspaper research report results

While investigating the trail of expenditures and appropriations for this specific account, there are issues for concern that have been found. The most concerning has been regarding budget amendment 16 from the county general fund that was approved in May Every item is supposed to have an account, so what was that money used for and why did the commissioners approve an incomplete amendment?

However, there is no official record of that since it was without an account number.

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The reports that were submitted to the commission in the August meeting did not have account number There has been nothing placed in the budget for jail administration project for the FY The last two checks dated Aug. The money that we have spent on the jail project so far was said to be gone by Mr.

Daniel if the new commission didn't move forward with the "present" jail plans. This was to due to the finance plan being withdrawn for Pickett County. It indicates the county and MCM plan to Newspaper research report results into a lease- purchase agreement to issue local government public improvement bonds through the Industrial Development board of Pickett County in order to finance the project.

The letter didn't bind the county to proceed with the sale of the bonds if an agreement on terms can be reached nor obligates the county to compensate MCM. Neither the county nor the Industrial Board have entered into a contractual agreement or approved the issuance of a bond for this project.

Meaning, the county spent an additional million over the budget which seems to have attributed to the current low fund balance.

This money is to be used to operate on until the tax revenue starts coming in. As of Tuesday, Sept. There will be a discussion on the jail situation in Pickett County at the next county commission meeting on Monday, October 15th. Reagan said he caught most of the fish he weighed on a homemade football-head jig with a Watermelon Meat-colored Strike King Rage Tail Craw trailer in 18 to 20 feet of water.

I marked fish and got four bites by the end of the day and they were the right ones. It seemed like I could catch them on a first or second cast. A somewhat rare purple Crafter guitar was stolen. If you have any information on the incident or the location of the guitar, please contact the Pickett County Sheriff's Office at Why is the county having to borrow money to operate on?

During Monday's county commission meeting, the board approved two tax anticipation notes for county general fund and solid waste fund.

Newspaper research report results

That is because there isn't enough money to cover expenses. The question is being investigated by this newspaper as to what has happened to our county's finances. Commissioners approve two tax anticipation notes The Pickett County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on Sept.

This was the first meeting since the new county officials took office on Sept. The following commissioners were present: Clerk of the Court Robert "Charlie" Lee addressed the commission for approval of chairman and vice-chairman of the board of commissioners.

Sheila Moon also voted aye.

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The meeting was then turned over to Chairman Garner. The agenda was approved with all ayes. A motion was called to approve the previous months minutes. Commissioner Tony Beaty addressed the board and questioned what happens if the commission doesn't approve the minutes, does that mean the actions are still valid.

It was stated that the actions are still approved. With 6 ayes and 6 nays, Chariman Garner broke the tie with an aye vote.A study recently published in the San Jose Mercury News suggests the parents of obese children do not perceive their children as obese.

An analysis of this study, its methods, and its findings is an important exercise in understanding the meaning and relevance of all research. The Vanishing Newspaper [2nd Ed]: Saving Journalism in the Information Age [Philip Meyer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Five years ago in The Vanishing Newspaper, Philip Meyer offered the newspaper industry a business model for preserving and stabilizing the social responsibility functions of the press in a way that could outlast technology-driven changes in media .

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A listing of psychological research being conducted online. Analysis of Newspaper Research Report Results The article is named: “Pills protect against ovarian cancer: Study”, it was written by Helen Branswell, and was published by Toronto Star on January 24th, in its Living/Health section. Analysis of Newspaper Research Report Results.

children do not perceive their children as obese. An analysis of this study, its methods, and its findings is an important exercise in understanding the meaning and relevance of all research.

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