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Online essays from anthology pdf

Three Dhamma talks on the importance of being in touch with the truths inside—the truths of the body and of the mind—so that the mind can be trained to bring about happiness, both on the personal and on the social level.

Three Dhamma talks, given at Wat Palelai in Singapore, on the need to put the four noble truths ahead of the three characteristics when making merit, practicing concentration, and developing discernment. Videos of these talks are available via the dhammatalks. Kamma and rebirth are often understood to be teachings of fate and helplessness in the face of unknowable influences from the past.

The purpose of combining these collections into one volume is to hyper-link the extensive cross-referencing within and across the collections. The epub, azw3 and mobi eBook versions therefore serve as functional equivalents to an offline mirror of the sutta portion of the site.

Note re the pdf version: The pdf is almost 2, pages long and will be almost completely unusable on small devices and quite laggy even on a computer.

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This anthology contains complete translations of ten suttas, and partial translations of two. It takes its name from the length of the discourses it contains: There are suttas in all. This anthology offers complete translations of 78 of these suttas, and excerpts from five.

However, when they were collected they were organized for ease of memorization, not for ease of study. So, as an introduction to the collection, here is a list of suttas organized by topicfrom the more fundamental to the more advanced.

In some cases, the theme is a topic. In others it may be the name of an interlocutor, a place, a group of people, or—as in the Simile-Connected discourses—a formal attribute of the discourses themselves.

The complete collection, counting all its formulaic expansions, contains more than 2, discourses, of which are translated here. No single English term can convey the full meaning of this name, although the translation Numerical Collection gives a workable idea of the principle behind it. The complete collection, counting all its formulaic expansions, contains more than 9, discourses.

When these expansions are not counted, the total comes to approximately 2, discourses, of which are translated here. In nine short passages it covers the basic topics that one would need to know when beginning Buddhist monastic life; many of the passages also serve as useful introductions to Buddhist practice in general.

The itivuttakas cover the full range of Buddhist practice. On the basic levels, they focus on skillful and unskillful behavior, and on the advanced, they cover some topics found nowhere else in the Canon.

It also contains two sets of poems considered to be deep expressions of advanced points of doctrine: This two-volume set attempts to give an organized, detailed account of the Vinaya training rules and the traditions that have grown up around them. The book as a whole is aimed primarily at those whose lives are affected by the rules—bhikkhus who live by them, and other people who have dealings with the bhikkhus — so that they will be able to find gathered in one location as much essential information as possible on just what the rules do and do not entail.

online essays from anthology pdf

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