Paper stars

More flag resources Cut a 5-Pointed Star in One Snip Legend has it that when the George Washington and his associates first approached Betsy Ross regarding the creation of an American flag, their design used 6-pointed stars.

Paper stars

Ginny Carroll I recently returned from a day trip to Florida to teach and lecture for three different quilt guilds. Since if live in New Hampshire, heading south in the winter months to a lovely warm climate is an added bonus. The students jumped right in, with most getting a good start on their quilt.

On the second day, I taught an introductory class to this book.

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Ginny Carroll has already completed one section with just three pieces. I could tell Ginny was a member of my Carol Doak Yahoo Group because she was wearing her group name tag.

It is such fun to meet our members in real life! Shopping on the way to the retreat Next I was off to teach at a quilt retreat for the Southwest Quilters Guild. Of course on our way to the retreat locations, a couple of stops at quilt shops along the way were a must!

Heather Phillips from Nova Scotia You just never know who you are going to run into in a quilt shop. Retreat students counting blocks The Retreat was held at a lovely facility.

One large room with lots of students working on their paper-pieced projects. The groups would then compete for a prize. Who knew one of the 9-Patch Stars was going to be the centerpiece for a lovely quilt?

No shortage of quilt shops here. We visited the lovely downtown shop called the Patchwork Pig. Trust me, you could get in really serious trouble here.

The fabric selection was amazing!!! This looks like one happy student and look at those perfect points! Here I had the opportunity to see one members lovely Log Cabin Garden quilt. Treble Metamorphoses by Marian Sparks I recently received an email from Marian Sparks regarding a quilt that she made using the Day and Night Star Flower pattern available as a free pattern on my web site.

Marian then sent me a picture of a quilt she made using the block. This is one of those thought provoking quilts. As I study the quilt and take into account the name, it does draw me in.

I just love receiving pictures of projects that people have made using my designs. American Family Insurance was so impressed with this quilt, they made a donation in exchange for the quilt.

It is now hanging in the rotunda of their corporate headquarters. To read more about this book in my web store, click here http: Congratulations to this group for making such a spectacular quilt for a good cause and thank you for allowing me to share the photo here.

May all your points be perfect, Carol.I love love love the paper! The glitter doesn't come off and the paper is very sturdy; it holds the puffed star very well.

Paper stars

But because it is sturdy, it hurts my little fingers to puff it out after doing many stars. 5. To make the straw cut a piece of yellow paper to fit inside the manger and hang over the edge when folded, and then cut slits down one length of the paper.

Famous Movie Dance Stars Paper Dolls (Dover Celebrity Paper Dolls) [Tom Tierney] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Let's dance! This show-stopping collection is filled with stars from 15 popular dance films, from classics such as The Red Shoes and The King and I to Moulin Rouge and more recent films.

With the simplicity and accuracy of paper piecing, you can create these elaborate-looking Star blocks in a snap! Carol Doak, bestselling author of many books on paper piecing, is back with 50 original paper-pieced Star blocks--one for each U.S.


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I am going to bring you another oldie but goodie and show you how to make these fun and festive paper stars. These stars are perfect for your Fourth of July decor and you can make them with your kids to create a garland or to hang in your window.

Aug 31,  · How to Make Lucky Paper Stars. Exquisite little paper stars can be used for decorations, jewelry, craft projects and gift giving. They're very easy to make, and they're a fun way to recycle a bit of junk mail into something colorful and decorative%(5).

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