Tcs retention strategies

In important life matters such as personal, relationships, work and parenting concerns that an employee voluntarily seeks.

Tcs retention strategies

Creating training strategies delivers focused information that offers value to the employees by creating an improved skill set, and to the company by developing a better-prepared staff.

Employee Behavior Employee behavior training strategies include sensitivity, harassment and employee communication training.

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When you are developing a strategy for an employee behavior training strategy, you should have specific goals. For example, sexual harassment training should be more than just reading employment law and reciting company policy. Develop a training strategy that helps employees to understand the effects of harassment on the victim, and the effects it can have on an offending employee's career.

Leadership Training Companies interested in promoting from within and making sure that they are offering a viable career path to proactive employees often create leadership training programs.

The programs may consist of training classes on management and then perhaps a seminar held by a third-party that specializes in management training.

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Generic leadership training strategy does not offer the same value as a focused strategy that develops leaders for your company. For example, part of your leadership training strategy should be to train prospective managers on detailed aspects of their departmental operation.

Tcs retention strategies

A management trainee for the accounting department should be trained to understand every job duty in the department rather than being subjected to generic training sessions that do not offer insight into how the company is run. Peer Training Peer training, or on-the-job training, can be an effective training strategy because it stresses teaching employees through hands-on experience.

For peer trainers, choose only those employees who have significant experience and who have expressed an interest in becoming a trainer.


In conjunction with the departmental manager and human resources department, the peer trainers develop step-by-step programs to help bring basic job task proficiency to new employees by conducting hands-on training.

Role-Playing Role-playing is a training strategy that employers can use in any situation, but is especially helpful in jobs that have contact with the public. Sales, customer service and repair personnel should be placed in a regular role playing training program to learn how to address customer situations.

In role-playing, the manager plays the part of the customer, so she can instruct the employee on how to interact with those customers. For example, if the company is creating a new policy that will affect the ability of a customer to return a product, the customer service representatives can role-play with managers to learn what to tell customers and how to answer customer questions.employee retention is a way organizations can reduce cost and employee turnover.

Find top 5 employee retention strategies here followed by leading players. Menu. Transforming the front office to drive greater customer satisfaction and retention. Supply Chain Creating and executing strategies to support any large-scale business change.

Finance & Global Shared Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) empowers the world's leading companies to transform into future-ready enterprises. The major findings of this study are major problems faced of HR Personnel in IT industry are recruitment and retention, training challenges, career development and employee retention.

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Keywords: Employee Training, Employee Retention, Human Resource Management, Performance Appraisal, Recruitment and . One of the potential Human Resources Big Data benefits, as seen by HR managers, is in improving employee retention – determining which employees are most likely to leave and discouraging them from doing so.

Rated second was understanding the effectiveness of recruiting campaigns, followed by. Employee Retention Policies Of Tcs Company.

Join; Login; The Research Paper Factory Factors that can retain employees within an organization 4 Wal-Mart 4 Strategies to help with Retention 6 Conclusion 7 References 8 Abstract Employees are valuable assets and retaining employees can be challenging and is a critical issue.

Infosys, TCS, Cognizant provides excellent software solutions for the busine ss needs of the clients. In Chennai, more than 90% of the IT industries are IT consulting companies2. Thus the IT product based company's Following retention strategies have been taken for the current research, Organizational Strategies.

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