The new world

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The new world

Usage[ edit ] The terms " Old World " vs. One can speak of the "New World" in a historical context, e.

The new world

For lack of alternatives, the term is also still useful to those discussing issues that concern the Americas and the nearby oceanic islandssuch as Bermuda and Clipperton Islandcollectively.

Biological taxonomists often attach the "New World" label to groups of species that are found exclusively in the Americas, to distinguish them from their counterparts in the "Old World" Europe, Africa and Asiae. The label is also often used in agriculture. Asia, Africa, and Europe share a common agricultural history stemming from the Neolithic Revolutionand the same domesticated plants and animals spread through these three continents thousands of years ago, making them largely indistinct and useful to classify together as "Old World".

Common Old World crops e. Conversely, many common crops were originally domesticated in the Americas before they spread worldwide after Columbian contact, and are still often referred to as " New World crops "; common beans phaseolusmaizand squash — the " three sisters " — as well as the avocadotomatoand wide varieties of capsicum bell pepperchili pepperetc.

Other famous New World crops include the cashewcocoarubbersunflowertobaccoand vanillaand fruits like the guavapapaya and pineapple.

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There are rare instances of overlap, e. In wine terminology"New World" has a different definition. Having already visited the Americas in prior years, Vespucci probably found it difficult to reconcile what he had already seen in the West Indieswith what the returning sailors told him of the East Indies.

Vespucci wrote a preliminary letter to Lorenzo, while anchored at Bezeguiche, which he sent back with the Portuguese fleet — at this point only expressing a certain puzzlement about his conversations.


After returning from Brazil, in the Spring ofAmerigo Vespucci composed the Mundus Novus letter in Lisbon to Lorenzo in Florence, with its famous opening paragraph: For the opinion of the ancients was, that the greater part of the world beyond the equinoctial line to the south was not land, but only sea, which they have called the Atlantic; and even if they have affirmed that any continent is there, they have given many reasons for denying it is inhabited.

But this opinion is false, and entirely opposed to the truth. My last voyage has proved it, for I have found a continent in that southern part; full of animals and more populous than our Europe, or Asia, or Africa, and even more temperate and pleasant than any other region known to us.

The Venetian explorer Alvise Cadamosto had used the term "un altro mundo" "another world" to refer to sub-Saharan Africawhich he explored in and on behalf of the Portuguese. Cadamosto was quite aware sub-Saharan Africa was firmly part of the African continent.

In his own letter to the Catholic Monarchs of Spain, reporting the results of his third voyage, Columbus relates how the massive waters of the Orinoco delta rushing into the Gulf of Paria implied that a previously unknown continent must lie behind it.

Amerigo Vespucci attended both conferences, and seems to have had an outsized influence on them — Vespucci ended up being appointed the first piloto mayor, the chief of navigation of Spain, at Burgos. It was during these conferences when Spanish officials seem to have finally accepted that the Antilles and the known stretch of Central America were definitely not the Indies they had originally sought, and Columbus had insisted they were, and set out the new goal for Spanish explorers: It traces most of South America and the east coast of North America.

Given the size of the Earth as calculated by Eratosthenes this left a large space between Asia and the newly discovered lands. Even prior to Vespucci, several maps, e. However, out of uncertainty, they depicted a finger of the Asian land mass stretching across the top to the eastern edge of the map, suggesting it carried over into the western hemisphere e.

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It would be several more years before the Pacific Coast of North America was mapped, dispelling lingering doubts. Until the discovery of the Bering Straits in the 17th century, there was no absolute confirmation that Asia and North America were not connected, and some European maps of the 16th century still continued to hopefully depict North America connected by a land bridge to Asia e.17th Street Miami Beach, FL Privacy Policy News Contact Us Email Sign-Up Fellow/Employee Portal News Contact Us Email Sign-Up.

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The New World is a quick and short read, only 23 pages, and tells about the life of Viola and her parents before they landed in New World. I have only just recently explored the dystopian-fiction genre and so the futuristic theme takes quite a while getting used to, but the simple, engaging prose makes it easier for me to adapt to the “New /5.

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New world order definition, the post-Cold War organization of power in which nations tend to cooperate rather than foster conflict. See more.

The new world

The word oratory refers to the art of eloquent speech. An orator is one who practices oratory or speaks in public. Many undergo extensive training to maximize their talent in . Everyone knows what it’s like to be knocked off center, to lose their inner sense of balance and groundedness, at least temporarily, when faced with life’s unwanted curve balls.

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