The process of determining

The goal of asking "why" five times is to work backwards from the result to get to the cause, with each question revealing more and more specifically why the event occurred.

The process of determining

July 7, at 5: We in the original Medicare have been subsidizing the private companies doing the Advantage plans for too long. How can that be—where is their profit coming from? July 8, at He or she begins with a personal insult of someone he or she knows nothing about.

I am not an employee of anyone. I have been semi-retired for 15 years after years of working for myself in a business having nothing to do with health care or insurance.

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I spend a lot of times correcting lies like his or hers about Medicare. Stalin, the patron saint of the left, would be proud of Pete. For people born afterMedicare — all four Parts — is completely funded by the people who receive the benefits, both in terms of the dollar value of payroll and income taxes paid into the Part A and B Trust Funds respectively over a lifetime but also in terms of monthly premiums unless you are poor, in which case it is free or disabled in which case you did not fully fund your benefits.

People born beforeespecially before did get a taxpayer subsidy larger the earlier you were born B. The public Part C program is Public. That is what the Part in Part C means. People on public Part C, about a third of the people on Medicare, mostly poor people, cannot buy private supplements.

The Part C program has basically achieved the original Democratic idea. Notice that Pete Brac supplies no sources. Another typical leftist trick DennisByron says: In other words, it is like the insurance you have had in your working lives the last 40 years.

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However Part C is accepted by only a minority of doctors and other providers. So if you have a favored provider and he or she does not accept Part C, you are out of luck. Typically Part C plans are sponsored by large integrated health delivery systems such as Kaiser or Baystate Health here in Massachusetts or non-profits orginally associated with teaching hospitals such as Hopkins or Tufts here in Massachusetts.

The process of determining

If your favored provider is not associated with such an organization, you probably have no choice but the expense and confusion of traditional Medicare Trending.The process for deciding what items and services are covered from region to region needs reform.

In our work with physicians, patients, and medical technology companies, we . The process of determining what to study is especially very important because the prepared mindset of a person is necessary in undertaking a new endeavor in life especially when it is about studies.

It is important that you should choose course that fits your capability or the one which you like doing the most in order to bring out the best in you.3/5(4). What is the process of determining the number of seats to which each state is entitled in the U.S.

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House of Re Get the answers you need, now!/5(12). Discounting is the process of determining the present value of a payment or a stream of payments that is to be received in the future.

The 5 Why process can be an effective approach to determine the root cause of a problem or issue. The goal of asking "why" five times is to work backwards from the result to get to the cause, with each question revealing more and more specifically why the event occurred.

Follow these steps to use the 5 Why method the next time you have a problem. The process of determining whether or not an entrepreneur's idea is a viable foundation for creating a successful business. It's purpose is to determine whether or not a business idea is worth pursuing.

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