What microenvironmental factors have affected target s performance over the past few years

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What microenvironmental factors have affected target s performance over the past few years

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As the recession hit, unemployment rose and people started becoming more responsible with money, the consumer priority changed from fashionable to budgeted purchase. Since Target was known for style, fashionable in slightly higher price, in the end, they hurt themselves.

Target should have done a lot better of a job in providing customer value and satisfaction than Walmart. Customers would have stayed loyal if valued and satisfied.

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Target made two significant operational changes. This led to customer convenience, saving their time and effort. The economical condition over the last few years since was rough as the economy was in recession and inflation was on rise.

With rise in Unemployment, people started to have a newfound sense of frugality and monetary responsibility.

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Why or why not? Target has been doing things right since the beginning. They were the first to build themselves on a very diversified and unique strategy and way of business. They chose the right strategy to use, but definitely the wrong time to enforce it.

What alternative strategy might Target might have followed in responding to the first signs of declining revenues and profits?


With the card, the customers apply for and are able to save money and receive offers that non-cardholders are not able to receive. With these benefits, the customers will feel more self-valued, greater worth, and satisfied.


This in the end will create loyal customers and will go on to bring in new customers. Moreover, keeping in mind the fashionable concept with which the customers make Target distinct than others, Steinhafel should keep up the designer products perhaps with more sustainable pricing.Over the past few years, following are the factors that have affected Target’s performance: 1.

Competitors: Walmart’s distinct strategy of providing products at a very low price, resonated with consumers in the economic crisis of Michelle Monje is part of Stanford Profiles, official site for faculty, postdocs, students and staff information (Expertise, Bio, Research, Publications, and more).

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What microenvironmental factors have affected target s performance over the past few years

The micro environmental factors have a great impact on the performance of Target in the last few years that have affected to the some important stakeholders such as organization, competitors, media, and intermediaries.

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